Axis2 1.3 Released




  • Moved to maven2 from maven1
  • Significantly improved documentation
  • Significantly improved support for POJO services and clients
  • Significantly improved Deployment module and custom deployers
  • Significantly improved support for Spring services
  • Significantly improved Axis Data Binding (ADB) to increase schema coverage and overall stability
  • Improved handler and module interfaces
  • Improved Eclipse and Idea plugins
  • Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs
  • Major code cleanup and improved exception handling
  • All the asynchronous MessageReceivers have been deprecated
  • Deprecating the introspection to find init()/destroy() methods on service classes.
  • Deprecated the Callback interface(
  • Added a new phase called "Addressing" and moved all the addressing handlers into that phase
  • Name of the wsdl2java generated Exception classes changed. Earlier it had the Exception suffix and from Axis2 1.3 it has been removed
  • Interface changed in ADB Datasource class
  • Classpath module loading support